Photo of Mariko Huette, LMT, CEMT providing Thai Yoga Bodywork.

Welcome to Jynba, LLC

Our focus is on the healing arts for both people and horses. We are located in New Hampshire and offer sessions in Thai Yoga Massage. We also offer extensive Thai Yoga courses which are approved for continuing education by NCBTMB.

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Jynba, LLC

Wellness for Horses


Equi-Thai® is an equine massage using manual techniques in addition with hot herbal compresses called luk pra kob. Luk pra kob is a compress made from various dried herbs wrapped in cotton traditionally used in Thai medicine. This compress is soaked in water, then steamed and used while hot.

Benefits of Equi-Thai®

Moist heat penetrates deeper and generally lasts longer

Increase threshold of sensory nerve endings in effect reduces pain

Increases blood flow in local area in effect hastens the elimination of by-products from fatigued muscles

Heat increases extensibility and decreases stiffness

The herbs have various medicinal qualities, mostly anti-inflammatory and to help relax muscles

The aroma therapy aids in relaxation

Increase range of motion

Relieve muscle tension and spasms

Wellness for Humans

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Each session is tailored to you. We offer sessions from 30 minutes to as long as 90 minutes. Relax after with complimentary tea or water.

We are located in Something Fancy, 22 Greeley Street, Suite 10, Merrimack NH 03054 (map). Please check our menu and schedule changes. Walk-ins are welcome however there is no guarantee for availability, we highly recommend an appointment.

Thai Yoga Courses

At Jynba, we offer extensive courses in Thai Yoga bodywork all of which are approved by the NCBTMB. Each course presents a Thai massage sequence, and is taught with a hands-on approach. Thai bodywork is designed to be beneficial for both the giver and the receiver. In our courses you will learn to work with the whole body, incorporating principles of martial arts, yoga and excellent body mechanics.

Luk Pra Kob

Luk Pra Kob is an herbal compress traditionally used in Thai medicine. It contains various dried herbs and is wrapped in cotton, soaked then steamed and used while hot with Thai massage.